mardi, mars 22, 2005

On the Suppression of Self-Defence

Brief Note
The right to self-defence is individual and not transferable. This means that, if it is possible to relinquish such right, it can be only relinquished by a personal and direct choice of each individual. None can, on behalf of a third party, decide to relinquish it. If one individual cannot personally make the choice to relinquish such right, all the other persons around him have to assume that he wants to retain it and will respect it.

This is not a matter of choice to be made upon scientific evidence or technical advice or at the discretion of the State, of a community or of the members of a family.

When, in the course of certain particular events, a person vests himself with the alleged power or right to remove self-defence, he is overstepping his ethical limits and becomes a tyrant.

The right of self-defence, being the very foundation of any ethical system, cannot be suppressed within the limits of ethics. Accordingly, its suppression carries the suppression of the whole ethical system.