mardi, septembre 12, 2006


I am ten thousand million guys

By Mario de Andrade
Tanslation: Tony Marmo

I have ten thousand, I have ten thousand million personalities,
My feelings give re-birth to themselves incessantly;
O mirrors, O Pyrenees, O rednecks,
Should a god die, I shall buy another in a convenience store.

The best words I hug in my bed,
And my sighs are other guys’ violins;
And I walk on the land just like the man who secretly finds his own kisses in the corners, taxis and hotel rooms;

O yeah, I am so many, I am so many guys,
But one day I shall happen onto myself,
Be patient, short minded swallows,
For only the oblivion will provide an explanation,
And only then my soul will work as an abode.