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The following is a famous poem by Augusto dos Anjos, whereby he argues that, in order to survive, one needs to learn ungratefulness and retribution as a basic protection against both false friends and solitude.
It is considered one of the most eloquent poems of pessimism and reflects the personal unfortunate experiences the author had undergone in his life.

Private Verses

By Augusto dos Anjos
Translated from Portuguese by Tony Marmo

Lo! The awesome burial of thy last Chimaera none has attended.
Thy only inseparable companion has been this panther, Ingratitude!
Accustom thyself to the mud waiting for thee.
In this miserable world,
He, who among the beasts dwells,
Shall feel the urge to become a beast too.
Take thy match and light thy cigarette!
O friend, the kiss precedes the spit,
The same hand that fondles one will cast a stone!
If there is anyone who feels pity for thy wound;
Stone the evil hand that fondles thee;
Spit on the kissing mouth.


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