mardi, août 09, 2005

The Little Starving Wolf in the Forest

A Perspectival Tale

Once upon a time there lived a little wolf in the woods, who was so poor and destitute that had almost nothing to eat. He used to walk through a long road and to beg for the generosity of passers-by in vain. Day after day he had to fast and pray for food.

On one day there came a young attractive but selfish girl dressed in a fancy red suit, carrying a basket full of groceries. He asked her if she could share a fraction of her victuals with him. No, said the young woman, for this meal is for my poor nanny, who is old and sick. As she had no compassion for his suffering, she cut the conversation and left him immediately, and followed her way.
The poor wolf continued to walk round and round till he happened onto an abandoned cottage, whose door was wide open. He entered that house to see if he could get some leftovers. Suddenly he heard someone coming and tried to hide himself somewhere inside. As he ran upstairs to a chamber, where he found a bed. He covered himself with the sheets and pillows and pretended to sleep.
It was the girl in the fancy red dress who came in to meet her boyfriend, the woodchopper. Darling, she said, I am home and brought you some pies,. She went upstairs and jumped into the bed and began to feed the wolf, thinking that he was her lover.
As she kissed his mouth, the wolf turned into a Charming Prince, and girl began to ask Wow, darling!

To be continued...