dimanche, septembre 17, 2006


Love, Invisible Fire
[A Puzzle]

By Luis Vaz de Camoens
Translated from Portuguese by Tony Marmo

A flame burning in ways unseen is Love;
A wound aching imperceptibly;
A discontent form of contentment:
O, such excruciating a pain is love and yet it hurts not.

Love is more unwillingness than strong will;
It is a lonely walk among the cloud;
When utter happiness is never enough;
When one makes sure that it is in loosing that he shall gain.

Love means that by his own consent one is bound;
That the winner shall serve the vanquished,
That we are loyal to those who kill us.

Nevertheless, if love is so contrary to itself,
how can its favour in human hearts
cause such friendship?

mardi, septembre 12, 2006


I am ten thousand million guys

By Mario de Andrade
Tanslation: Tony Marmo

I have ten thousand, I have ten thousand million personalities,
My feelings give re-birth to themselves incessantly;
O mirrors, O Pyrenees, O rednecks,
Should a god die, I shall buy another in a convenience store.

The best words I hug in my bed,
And my sighs are other guys’ violins;
And I walk on the land just like the man who secretly finds his own kisses in the corners, taxis and hotel rooms;

O yeah, I am so many, I am so many guys,
But one day I shall happen onto myself,
Be patient, short minded swallows,
For only the oblivion will provide an explanation,
And only then my soul will work as an abode.